Physiotherapy at home


physiotherapy at home

Home physiotherapy is aimed at anyone who has difficulty making any type of movement outside and inside their home.

The causes may be due to:

Motor difficulties and/or disabling disabilities;
Surgical interventions;
Different problems that compromise travel.

It allows you to benefit from specific and personalized treatments, aimed at regaining motor skills, in a comfortable and familiar environment, with total respect for privacy.

Patologie che possono richiedere la fisioterapia presso il domicilio:

patologie neurologiche

Neurological pathologies

riabilitazione delle patologie geriatriche

Rehabilitation of geriatric pathologies

problematiche post operatorie

Post-operative problems

patologie cardiache e respiratorie

Respiratory disorders

problematiche e patologie vestibolari come trattamento nella fisioterapia a domicilio

Vestibular problems

patologie vascolari

Vascular pathologies

Dolori da sintomi congeniti o traumatici

Pain from congenital or traumatic symptoms

disabilità€ generali che possono richiedere l'intervento di fisioterapia a domicilio

General disabilities

What benefits can you receive from home physiotherapy:

calendario appuntamenti fisioterapia in domicilio

Appointments within 24/48 hours

Flexibility of days and times to be agreed directly with your physiotherapist


team di fisioterapisti nella terapia a domicilio

Physiotherapy directly at home

The physiotherapist goes to your home

Rehabilitation will always be made by the same therapist

fisioterapia a domicilio in tutto il Ticino

Physiotherapy throughout Ticino

Make arrangements with your physiotherapist for arrival at your home

la fisioterapia in domicilio viene riconosciuta da tutte le casse malattia in Svizzera

Recognized by health insurance companies

Rehabilitation at home is recognized by all health insurance companies in Switzerland

For specific questions about home care physiotherapy visit the FAQ page: